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Shping Team By Shping Team • November 8, 2018

Leverage your existing assets to connect with customers

In today's digital-first world, content is king: consumers want immersive, multi-channel content instead of static banner advertisements.

In fact,  80% of traffic will be driven by video content in the next year, according to Cisco. When you also consider that 95% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service, it becomes clear that multimedia content is a necessity not just a nice-to-have for brands looking to reach consumers. 

Deliver the content you've already created 

Constantly creating content can be expensive and time-consuming. Instead of using your content once then moving it to the archive folder, leverage your existing assets to improve the customer experience. You'll get more mileage from your content, and your customers will get more opportunities to learn about your products. 

Shping lets you deliver the content you've already created - whether that's videos, GIFs or images - directly to the consumer at different stages of their purchasing journey. For example, you can deliver a video content series to a customer each time they scan - each scan will deliver a new video as they learn more and more about your product. 


Shping gives you the power to make the most of your existing assets to deliver different levels of messaging to customers at different stages in their shopping journey. That means you can directly target your customers with the relevant content you've got on-hand, and getting more return on investment from the content you've created. 

Reward interactions 

On top of letting you deliver personalised, targeted content to customers in-store, the Shping app also rewards customers for interacting with this content. We believe that if you reward customers for their time and engagement, they are far more likely to respond positively to your brand and products - and far more likely to understand your brand story - than if they had simply encountered a promotional poster in-store. 


Rewarding your customers for their time shows that you care about their purchasing decisions and value their engagement: in fact, a recent study found that this sense of "wantedness" was a deciding factor in whether a consumer would purchase a product. In the study, the majority (79%) of shoppers said brands have to actually demonstrate that they care, understand and are committed to earning their business before they would consider purchasing their products. With Shping, brands can show customers they care by offering rewards, promotions and incentives for interacting with their content. Not only does Shping provide a platform to leverage your existing content, it also provides consumers with an incentive to interact with it. 

Shping can help you make better brand decisions by leveraging your content at every stage of the customer journey. To learn more, subscribe to our mailing list for the latest Shping updates, offers and announcements. 

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