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Shping in the Media 

Here's a selection of has been written about Shping during the Token Sale.  

Can blockchain technology  like Shping challenge the centralised data-oligopoly of the tech giants?

In a detailed story by Roger Aitken, Forbes singled out Shping and it's recently announced strategic partner Bitclave among several blockchain innovators seeking to give consumers greater control of commoditising their data and threatening the business models for the FANG group of tech giants (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google) which uses user data to make money. 

"Today, marketers and advertisers compete for their products to be associated with keywords that you may use when searching for products or services. What this creates is a system where the most visible product or brand is not necessarily the most relevant to you. Rather, it’s the one that paid companies like Google or Facebook the most."

"This affects both consumers and businesses. For consumers, they are often bombarded with ads of products and services that they may not really care about. For businesses, they are pressured in entering a spending war just to be visible."

In their interview,  Shping CEO and Founder Gennady Volchek said: "Today’s digital advertising model short-changes the consumer whose data and attention has become a hot commodity for media giants to literally on-sell to the highest bidder. This has created a scenario where hyper-targeted advertising almost feels invasive”

Full article: Forbes 


The future of shopping ... and the end of retail fraud.

After a live interview with CMO, Tony Lee, CCI News honed their reportage of Shping by focussing on the problems it is solving in the industry

“They’re aiming to solve the issue that all brands face – capturing consumers attention, especially at the critical point of purchase. It is also focused on preventing counterfeiting, food fraud, and unsafe products from being purchased through the verification of authenticity in their vast database. Customers will also act as a last line of defense and be able to report inauthentic products. While this might not be as big of an issue for those in the West, entire stores are comprised of fake and fraudulent items throughout Asia, and this singular function could help end retail and consumer fraud worldwide!

Full article: CCI News  



Changing Customer Behaviour in Stores with Digital Coins

Respected spoke to Shping's Chief Marketing Officer to discuss how Shping can play a part in changing the landscape of a struggling instore retail sector. 

"To research a product, potential customers may turn to Google. But finding product information can be a bit of a cumbersome process. Consumers may have to scroll through many social media channels or product reviews to make an informed decision. Enter Shping, an Australian startup seeking to change the way consumers research products — and the way brands market them."

"Facebook, Google and other platforms also tend to focus on eCommerce. In comparison, Shping helps brands reach customers while they’re shopping offline. As a result, the platform could provide a boost to brick-and-mortar retailers."

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A cryptocurrency ambassador for a world that loves to shop.

Chipin discussed the future of branded interactions in in-store environments. 

“By using blockchain technology, this information can also start to be aggregated per consumers, creating a much more personalised experience. For that reason, marketers are beginning to consider blockchain technology as essential to not
 only up the game, but transition to a highly digitally-integrated, real-word experience."

Full article: Chipin 


Shping has its sights set on putting Australian ICOs on the map. 

Smart Company connected with CMO, Tony Lee to learn a little more about  the success of the pre-sale  and the company's vision for the future. 

“We’re looking to make a paradigm shift in terms of what we enable marketers to do. We’re building the biggest product database available through both the app and on the blockchain, which can be used to help encourage purchase decisions at the point of sale,” Mr Lee says.

Full article: Smart Company 


Shping makes the Top 5 Aussie blockchain companies to watch 

Business News Australia  listed Shping - the only active ICO among an exclusive list of blockchain startups to watch for 2018.

"One of the most promising aspects of blockchain technology is the traceability of each 'transaction' that takes place on the tech. 
It is one of the most reliable and permanent records of identity and transparency we've yet seen in technology. This reliability and transparency is exactly the reason why Gennady Volchek, founder of Shping, made the pivot to blockchain," they reported. 

 Full article: Business News Australia


Exclusive: Spotlight on CEO Gennady Volchek

Coinschedule conducted a candid interview with CEO and Founder, Gennady Volchek about the company's mission to build a smarter, safer and more rewarding  shopping experience for all.

“Today, there is more data available at consumer’s fingertips than ever before, yet finding product information, reviews and opinions can be time-consuming, especially when you’re short on time and you’re in the store. Through the act of scanning a product barcode, Shping hopes to bring important information to shoppers at the point of purchase – when they need it most.

By enabling brands to reward consumers with Shping Coin for considering promotional material and taking desired actions, shoppers are incentivized to scan products with the Shping App to learn about products before purchase. Shping can also be used for product recall alerts, giving shoppers who have scanned or are scanning products a timely warning and further instructions." 

Full article: Coinschedule


Shping contributes to the in-store customer experience.

Coin Idol published an article discussing the role that Shping Coin plays in incentivising and rewarding  behaviours that businesses really value but that consumers may be reluctant to perform such as looking at promotional material and  writing reviews about products to help other shoppers. 

"By partnering with Shping, businesses can choose what information they want to attach to their products. They can upload product details in almost any form, including text, images, and videos that specifically target their audiences. The Shping platform provides companies with an incredible opportunity--customizable marketing strategies that can reach consumers at the point of sale. By communicating key details about a platform, businesses can use the Shping app to push interested parties from “on-the-fence” to ready to make a purchase. The best part is that Shping doesn’t charge any crazy fees or hide an expenses. The platform is specifically designed to be economically efficient for all involved."

Full article: Coin Idol


Here's why retail is about to go through another transformation.


Crypto Ninjas  unlocked a discussion about how technology has changed in retail over the last few decades, and why blockchain organisations like Shping could very well play a part in changing the  landscape once again.

"With the steep rise in the popularity of blockchain technology, it is becoming increasingly like that retail could be on the cusp of another revolution.

Startups like Shping are devoting all their time and energy to making shopping smarter, more convenien,t and more rewarding for customers."

Full article: Crypto Ninjas  


A decentralised platform that gives "power to the people" in retail.

Coin Telegraph explored the concept of diminishing shopper loyalty and  how crypto and blockchain might work together to change buyer habits. 

"In 2018, retail success will be about how well retailers adapt to the changing market around them and their customers’ needs. Blockchain technology could bring brands and consumers together, building a new reward system and making the supply chain more transparent.

Shping, an Australian-based tech company, has taken this idea one step further by creating a live and working ecosystem that enables shoppers to access useful information about the products they want to buy."

Full article: Coin Telegraph


Shping is gamifying the shopper experience using blockchain.

Bitcoin Insider honed in on  the design of the Shping Platform and original user experience, in particularly its ability to augment the shopping experience to make learning about products more engaging and  rewarding.

"One of the best ways to become successful at anything is to turn it into a game.  If you’re looking for ideas to make the process more fun, you could try turning it into a competition amongst your friends, or even going shopping together and helping each other to find the products with the most points.

One of the primary reasons for our excitement behind apps like these is the exact same reason we’re so hyped about blockchain enables decentralization.

The (Shping) platform provides a unique way for advertisers to channel their budgets directly towards their users instead of funneling billions of dollars towards a long chain of middlemen to advertise their product using user data they have collected."

Full article: Bitcoin Insider


Shping is billed as the future of "Tokenized Advertisements."

Crypto Economy
nominated Shping and BAT as new the blockchain-based contenders who are set to potentially disrupt the $206 billion advertising industry.

"For advertisers, the blockchain has many implications, but perhaps the most compelling component is its ability to tokenize advertisements.

For example,Shping, is launching a tokenized platform that lets companies communicate directly with customers when they scan products in a store. With Shping, advertisers can send targeted discounts, helpful information, or other persuasive content at the time tha t the customer needs it most. It’s more direct than a targeted Facebook ad, and it has a direct application at the point of purchase.

Full article: Crypto Economy


Why Shping could Transform the Retail Industry.

Bitcoin Garden also cast some speculation over how first-in-kind blockchain concepts like Shping might have on the retail industry in practical, every day shopping scenarios. 

"One of the main issues with shopping in retail stores instead of buying products online is that it’s more difficult to find out information about the product you’re interested in.  After all, it’s exceedingly rare that the manufacturer’s description of a product exactly matches what users thought of it. 

Shping is a new blockchain startup that solves this problem. It merges the convenience of ecommerce with the fun and excitement of retail – and even rewards people for using it.  

It has become more important than ever that retailers are able to reach customers wherever they are.  The rise of blockchain technology introduces many new concepts that we’d previously never even imagined to be possible. Now, instead of a brand’s advertising budget being spent on third-party advertisers, platforms like Shping are cutting out the middleman completely shifting the dynamic so that rewards will be sent directly to the user.

Blockchain startups like Shping could just be what we’ve been waiting for."

Full article:  Bitcoin Garden


Shping partners with Everledger

Shping and Everledger, two powerhouses of provenance authentication have joined forced to construct a GS1 EPCIS typical track-and-trace platform for item information using blockchain - a first-to-market collaboration.

Everledger Founder & CEO Leanne Kemp said, "Our technological integration and industrial partnership with Shping is well-aligned with our objective of building depend on along the entire supply chain. It will enhance the informed consumer experience and significantly drive solid customer and industry confidence in brands."

" This marks Everledger's venture right into the mass consumer retail sector and a strong very first step to take in driving such a modern advancement within the retail industry with the convergence of our innovations," she added.

The partnership will also see the provenance and details of 1.6 million diamonds listed on Everledger's blockchain made available for authentication through the Shping App. For the first time, shoppers will be able to avoid unintentionally buying "blood diamonds"

Full article: Day of Dubai


Shping is hailed as a solid example of an ICO.

Global B2B provider of multi-asset trading news service Finance Magnates, writes in its article "How to know if you're investing in a healthy ICO":

"Before you dive in headfirst and throw all your money into an ICO (which is definitely not recommended – no matter how great the idea may seem), it’s important that you understand exactly what kind of business you’re going to be investing in.

For obvious reasons, investing in a pre-existing business with a track record of success is likely to be a far safer bet than investing in a brand new business model with little more than an idea. And a business that has managed to finalize partnerships with reputable institutions, organizations and companies is also a solid candidate for an ICO investment.

Shping is a solid example of the latter high-stakes partnership acquiring ICO venture."

Full article: Finance Magnates


Is Shping the bridge between ecommerce and bricks and mortar?

In its article, "You Though Retail Was Dying? Think Again," NewsBTC discusses the role that both Shping and Starbucks play in integrating innovative e-commerce concpets with bricks and mortar experiences.

"Shping is one new blockchain startup working on bringing ecommerce together with retail. It is designed to make retail shopping smarter – and it even directly rewards its users for their engagement in the process.

The way the platform works is simple. Users simply scan any product barcode using the app. From this, they can learn what is in it, where it is from, and whether or not it is certified. They will even have access to reviews from other users, which they can use to make a decision about whether or not to purchase the product.

Essentially, it provides the fun of retail shopping, while still allowing users to make a fully informed decision in the same way as they would when shopping online."

The article also adds...

"Large media giants like Facebook are currently making billions every year as a result of advertising to their 2 billion-strong user-base.

However, decentralized blockchain platforms (like Shping) will enable brands to channel their budgets to reward customers for their engagement, instead of funneling billions into faceless, third-party media companies.

Full article: NewsBTC


A crypto designed for businesses to reward consumers directly for their attention - a new model for paid marketing.

Coinspeaker was the first to break the news about Shping's foray into the crypto-world with its Token Sale announcement.

In the article, CEO and Founder of Shping, Gennady Volchek said:

“Over USD $80 billion was spent on digital advertising in 2017 by brands attempting to get messages out across to online consumers. Considering that almost 90 percent of consumer spending still sits with physical stores, we see an enormous market and demand for Shping Coin”

“Shping does for mobile and shopper marketing, what Google and Facebook does for online pay-for-performance advertising,” said Volchek.

“The one key difference being that our model sees brands paying consumers directly for their engagement – not the middleman.”

Full article: Coinspeaker


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