Shping Team By Shping Team • April 10, 2018

Shping Coin will be listed on COBINHOOD - the world's first zero trading fee crypto exchange.

Off the back of it’s successful token sale, the Shping team are pleased to announce the first of its cryptocurrency exchange partnerships with COBINHOOD.

The announcement means that Shping Coin will be listed on the zero trading fee cryptocurrency exchange to buy and sell as early as April 12th 2018 (UTC+0).

“As part of our mission to make shopping smarter, safer and more rewarding, we expect that Shping Coin will become one of the the most accessible cryptocurrencies in existence. To advance this reputation, we have decided to list with COBINHOOD as our first official exchange partner because of its commitment to zero trading fees for traders,“ Shping’s CEO, Gennady Volchek said.

“As quite a few people missed out on our Token Sale due to regional-selling restrictions, the opportunity to purchase on COBINHOOD opens up avenues for these new Shping Coin buyers to purchase our cryptocurrency,” Volchek continued.

“COBINHOOD’s zero trading fee ethos ensures that traders can maximise their earnings and this resonated very much with what we hope to deliver for new Shping Coin holders,” he said.

Shping’s move to list with a reputable exchange shows a promise and commitment to form the right partnerships to benefit its growing community of supporters at large, well beyond the token sale.

In an environment where other ICOs have been proven to be much slower to react, the preliminary announcement of Shping Coin’s listing with COBINHOOD has been met with largely positive reactions from Shping’s 21,000 Telegram community.

“We really liked what COBINHOOD does among the crypto community to educate and promote cryptocurrencies in multiple languages and their regional approach to North America, Asia, the Pacific and Russia especially.” Volchek said.

“Listing on exchanges can have a significant impact on budgets, so we’re being extra selective by partnering with the right exchanges - ones that are going to not only help us to reach the right type of traders, but also to help educate the market about the value and importance of Shping Coin,” Volchek said.

COBINHOOD’s CEO and founder, Popo Chen said, “we’re thrilled to be the first to officially list Shping Coin on our exchange, and are delighted to work with such a professional team in expanding awareness of the Shping project and promote the currency to the wider crypto community”

To launch the Shping Coin listing amongst COBINHOOD’s growing base of 250,000+ users, the exchange will also be giving away 20 million SHPING to its users acquired as random prizes from their innovative “candy machine” generator, as well as Airdrop missions and trading contests to be announced by COBINHOOD over the next few weeks.

“This exchange listing is just the beginning. We hope to partner with other innovative exchange partners and we look forward to keeping the community informed about our advancements,” Volchek concluded.

Shping will be listed on the COBINHOOD exchange site on April 12 2018 (UTC+0) under the ticker name “SHPING”.

COBINHOOD is also available as a trading app on Google Play and has an IOS equivalent in beta.



Launched in 2017, COBINHOOD is a next-generation cryptocurrency service platform. COBINHOOD is home to the world's first zero-fee, high-frequency cryptocurrency trading platform. The company was founded by Popo Chen, the original founder of '17 Media', with the intention of shaping future economies by creating a financial center for the blockchain era. COBINHOOD believes the evolution of blockchain technology and a decentralized financial landscape will transform global capital markets and business organizations with long lasting impact.