Shping Team By Shping Team • February 21, 2018

Help us to stamp out scammers!

We know how strong the Shping Community is, and we care about the safety and security of all of our members. As a community, we need EVERYONE to work together to make sure nobody loses their funds to a malicious scam attempt.

Please share this blog post far and wide — we want to ensure that this message reaches as many people as possible before and during the Crowdsale.

Be vigilant, buy safe, buy smart and look out for your fellow community members.


  • The only official website to purchase Shping Coin is
  • We encourage you to enable Two-Factor Authentication on your Shping Coin account Dashboard (click EDIT your profile and follow the prompts).
  • Never, ever reveal your private keys, passwords and phrases to anyone.


Sadly, high-profile token sales like ours are likely to attract scammers and phishing attacks on the community. We’re doing all we can to protect you against scammers, but here’s how you can help.

  • Ensure all deposits and purchases are done through the security of your account only.
  • Always double-check your URLS before you fill out highly sensitive information on any website.
  • Beware of phishing emails or messages. Any emails from us will be sent from an official email account e.g name
  • We will NEVER send you a contribution address in a public forum or via email.
  • We will never initiate a Private Message with you on Telegram (instead we’ll ask you to PM us).
  • If anyone contacts you claiming to be a Shping Admin, please block and report them as spam immediately.
  • If you identify any suspicious behaviour on any of our channels report the user and notify our admins on Telegram immediately.


Our official websites are all extensions of the domain. For example:

You can also chat with our community admins in the Shping Community Telegram and any pages pushed from here will be trustworthy.


  • Fake websites impersonating our website. To ensure you are using the correct website, always manually type the URL e.g Do not trust addresses published anywhere else.
  • Fake accounts impersonating Shping team members, especially those who initiate contact with you privately.
  • Emails that appear to come from Shping that appear out of character or ask for private information should be reported for validation immediately.

If you have any further questions, please join our Telegram:

Stay safe, buy smart.