Shping Team By Shping Team • March 9, 2018

Exclusive airdrop for Platinum Status for Life holders.

We've run some preliminary forecasts  and based on our current projections, we are expecting a surplus of at least 20 million SHPING, from our available Bounty Pool

Instead of putting these coins back into the Shping App Incentive Reserve, we have decided to give this away to all of our Platinum Status for Life purchasers in recognition of their long-term commitment, loyalty and support of Shping!


Yep!  Each “Platinum Status for Lifer” will receive an equal stake of the Bounty Pool Surplus!

This will be airdropped to them at the end of the Token Sale when the bounties and referral bonuses are tallied and distributed (about mid-April).

If you’re among the 214 eligible people (UPDATED) who have already purchased a Platinum Status for Life Bonus—your stake is currently valued at close to 93,457 SHPING (or US$934.57)!


Platinum Status for Lifers will also receive an additional stake for every person that uses their referral link and goes on to purchase Platinum Status for Life.

So if you’ve already purchased Platinum Status for Life, you might want to start telling your friends to get in on the action! You’ll find your referral link in the dashboard of your token cart.




The good news is that there’s still time to upgrade to Platinum Status for Life!

☑️OPTION 1 (UPDATED): Purchase 250, 000 SHPING between 16-23 March to receive Platinum Status for Life (offer ends 23:59 CET on the 23 March, 2018)

☑️OPTION 2:  Purchase the Million+ Tier Bonus with 6-month vesting period and receive a 25% Bonus + Platinum Status for Life




Remember, Platinum Status for Life gives you 10 times the standard rewards you would receive when using the Shping App—forever!   This is a one-time-only exclusive.

We will NEVER offer the Platinum Status for Life bonus outside of the Token Sale.




1. Why is this an exclusive benefit for Platinum Status for Life holders only?

Platinum Status for Life is a pretty special benefit - 10x rewards on the Shping App for life! However, as the App is still in its early days of awareness and adoption, many people don't realise how amazing and rewarding this special status could be one day. Right now, everyone still has the opportunity to acquire Platinum Status for Life during the Token Sale. As this will be the only time we're EVER going to make this exclusive benefit available to acquire, we want to make sure we are encouraging as many of our Token Sale buyers as possible to become a Platinum Status for Life holder before it is removed from sale, forever.

2. How much of the Bounty Pool is at stake?

Based on current projections, we’ll fall short of spending our Bounty Pool by at least 20 million SHPING. We have now set this amount aside for the airdrop exclusively for Platinum Status for Life holders. We expect there may be more added to this “Bounty Pool Surplus” which we will assess at the conclusion of the Token Sale.

3. I’ve already acquired Platinum Status for Life. What else do I need to do to secure my stake in the airdrop?

If you have already qualified for Platinum Status for Life, there is no further step required and you already have a stake in the airdrop. However, you can earn an extra stake if you successfully refer someone through your referrer link to also purchase the Platinum Status for Life bonus.

4. When will Shping be tallying the stakes for eligible participants of the Airdrop?

Stakes will be awarded along with bounties after the Token Sale concludes, expected to be completed mid–late April. After your reward is tallied, an amount in SHPING will be airdropped to you.

5. How many tokens do I need to buy to become eligible for Platinum Status for Life?

The current amount of tokens you will need to acquire to obtain Platinum Status for Life is 250,000 SHPING.
Alternatively, you can acquire Platinum Status for Life as part of our Million+ Tier Bonus Offer

Got  more questions about the new Platinum Status for Life exclusive airdrop?

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