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Shping Team By Shping Team • October 25, 2018

Improve your customer touchpoints

Are you dropping the ball with your customer interactions? Unless you have the shopper in mind at every touchpoint, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities to improve customer satisfaction. 

What's worse, if you don't have control of your touchpoints then a misdirected advertisement, billing mistake or warranty message may turn customers off shopping with you in future. 

Optimise every communication you have with the consumer to meaningfully connect at multiple points of the campaign lifecycle - not just before the point of purchase, but also doing purchase and after purchase. Here's how Shping can help manage touchpoints to get a single customer view: 

Customised touchpoints matter 
The chance to truly connect with customers is what most marketers strive for. Engaging with consumers before the point of purchase is hugely effective in inspiring sales, but continuing to provide connection during and after purchase inspires lasting loyalty. Knowing what your customer already knows about your brands allows you to tell them something new each time they engage across different touchpoints.

Capitalise on the opportunity to connect with your customer at all points of the campaign lifecycle, and you'll convert one-time shoppers into repeat customers. 

Customised touchpoints are a brand's chance to connect with customers at every stage of the campaign lifecycle, from start to finish. Shping removes the friction of delivering these custom messages with a seamless campaign workflow that can be completely man aged in the one platform. 

During purchase, we can tailor push notifications based on geolocation. This is a great way to incentivise customers with a discount code or rewards offers. These rewards can be easily and seamlessly delivered directly to the consumer through the Shping app: no need for mailing list segmentation, complicated purchase tracking or unwieldy discount codes. 

Plus we can deliver bespoke content based on the number of scans the users has previously made (taking into account past engagement and posted reviews) - if they are further along in their consideration stage, we can serve content on how the products can be used, for example in a recipe.

Mobile shoppers


Following a purchase, you can use Shping to send them a range of ‘To-Do’s like signing up to your EDM or registering for a warranty. Consider using your To-Do’s to run customer engagement surveys and collect feedback: this is a great opportunity to facilitate a two-way discussion between your brand and the consumer.

Take control of your touchpoints
Your brand story unfolds over a range of customer touchpoints. Some of these - like mobile and web advertisements, EDM's and physical products - you can control. Some - like online customer reviews and in-store experiences - you can't. 

You can, however, use Shping to reduce the chance of a bad customer experience.

Proactively minimise the likelihood of poor reviews by sending customers a notification encouraging feedback and photos of your product a few days after purchase. This lets customers share honest product feedback with you - rather than on a third-party forum or social platform - and helps you directly address any customer service issues as they arise. 

You can also take control of in-store experiences by using the Shping app to directly connect with the customer at the point of purchase. This ensures unified messaging across all retailers and locations based on your pre-set messaging structure. It's a far more elegant - and reliable - solution than having to negotiate with individual retailers on signage and point of sale logistics. 



Keep your messaging relevant 

From videos to sponsored content, social media and native advertising, there are so many ways for a customer to experience your brand that it can be easy to lose track of them all. When this happens, it's easy to make a misstep in your touchpoints that puts a customer off. From an incorrect reminders to an irrelevant EDM, these mistakes can discourage a customer from engaging with your brand again. 

Avoid these mistakes and have your touchpoints tracked and managed through the one platform. Shping allows you to seamlessly tailor video content delivery, To-Do notifications, and follow-up reminders that you can set-and-forget. That way, you can focus on pinpointing your messaging and making sure every touchpoint contributes to a great customer journey. 

Shping can help you optimise your touchpoints at every stage of the customer journey. To learn more, subscribe to our mailing list for the latest Shping updates, offers and announcements. 

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